Travel around the world ♥

Me and my two best friends want to travel the world when we get 18 years old and when we finished school of course 🙂
One oft my best friend drawed this she has also a blog so come on and follow her

We want to do ‘work and travel’ and i think this is a really good thing because you see the life out of the view from a tourist but also out of a person who lives there. I mean you see both sides of living there and i think this is really interesting! 🙂
We want to travel with a car like this one because you can sleep in it and you can take a lot of things with you. Also i think it isn’t really expensive when you complain it with a flight from, for example, europe to australia. And you have everytime a car beside you when you, for example, visit something.
Here it is:

I’m so exited and i think that this time will be very very intresting and we will have a lot of fun ! ♥♥♪

In love waiting4theright


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