Find an idea.

I think everybody knows it when you have no idea you could write about. Me too. Sure normally those ideas should come by them self and you should not “search” for them but sometimes you have to.
First of all it’s not just a thing of being creative, it’s about finding something that fits into your way of thinking.

What kind of post do you want to write? Imagine something that happens the last days or maybe you could write about the latest news. Everybody loves reading something new about peoples, interesting statistics or what ever.
Most important is that the thing you want to write about is also interesting for you. Don’t write about something you’re bored of.
You also could write about your feelings or I don’t know.
Or you write how to find an idea like me 😀 
When you have this time where you have a lot of ideas you could write about but you don’t want to post them all, write them down because you may have a time where you have NO idea and then you can take one of them.
It’s easy and you don’t feel like ‘oh no, I HAVE to post something but WHAT??? ‘.
Also you could post some pics. Maybe some you took during school, while working or of a trip outside in the nature, it doesn’t matter.
Or maybe some quotes? For example some which describe your feelings, a wish or something like that.
I think it’s also a good idea to write about a book you’ve read, a film you’ve watched or what ever because you can tell us, the readers, about your impressions and your opinion.
You see there are a lot of things to write about.
I don’t have many experiences because I’m not one of those popular people on WordPress but maybe, i hope, these things help you for getting or finding better ideas.

Good luck!


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