care to much

A woman cares. Cares to much. Cares about all things and about everybody no matter whether she likes it / him / her or not.
The most of them say they don’t care, they give a shit on that what others say.
But they’re lying. Everybody cares about everything. Not just a woman also a man cares but the difference is that a woman imagines all possible and impossible things that could happen and a man just let it happen.
They think too much. Nearly every minute they’re agonizing about every little to some extend unimportant things.
They can not stop don’t matter how hard they try. That’s the thing why life seems so hard to them although it’s not and they have in comprehensive with others a nearly perfect life.
They know that this situation in which they are is not that bad as they think but they can not change it- how mad that seems like.
This fits not on all  women but I think to a lot of them!
I hope that some recognize themselves and that I’m not the only one who thinks like that 🙂

It’s important that you don’t hang up on somebody oder something to long. It’s okay that you’re sad but you have to move on and you should not act on it / him / her. Sometimes you just have to let it be and let it happen without imagine all the possibilities.
Some quotes that may help you :
Life goes on. You only live once.
So why should we care of anything because we live too short to waste it with all these things which seems bad to us. I don’t want to say that you should not care of nobody or nothing but I think that some things get better without thinking about them too much.

I hope that my thoughts help anybody 😀

Much love, waiting4theright


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