The eighth wonder of the world

The thing of which I’m talking doesn’t cares about how you’re feeling because it always fits into your mood, with the aid of different genres. If you’re sad, angry, happy, militant or whatever. It helps you when you’re feeling alone. It’s the only thing which understands you and which could describe feelings better than anything else. Also it helps you to overcome something or to confront something new, difficult or frightening.

Music is the eighth wonder of the world.

Imagine the world without music. A horror film wouldn’t be scary, a romantic movie wouldn’t be heartbreaking, a comedy wouldn’t be funny. The occurrence of a queen in the public wouldn’t be exciting. In general there wouldn’t be any dramatic, tension, cheerfulness, peace.

I could have overtaken the importance of music but for me the world without it would be very monotonous and grey. Maybe some of you’re thinking the same about it.

In love, waiting4theright


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