The eighth wonder of the world

The thing of which I’m talking doesn’t cares about how you’re feeling because it always fits into your mood, with the aid of different genres. If you’re sad, angry, happy, militant or whatever. It helps you when you’re feeling alone. It’s the only thing which understands you and which could describe feelings better than anything else. Also it helps you to overcome something or to confront something new, difficult or frightening.

Music is the eighth wonder of the world.

Imagine the world without music. A horror film wouldn’t be scary, a romantic movie wouldn’t be heartbreaking, a comedy wouldn’t be funny. The occurrence of a queen in the public wouldn’t be exciting. In general there wouldn’t be any dramatic, tension, cheerfulness, peace.

I could have overtaken the importance of music but for me the world without it would be very monotonous and grey. Maybe some of you’re thinking the same about it.

In love, waiting4theright


Being honest

Everybody knows this situation- somebody ask you about something and want you to be honest. You don’t want to hurt him/ her so you’re saying what you know he/ she wants to hear. – or you don’t want to meet somebody and you’re searching for an excuse which might be not honest. These are just some examples I think there are a lot of situations you’re searching for a white lie and use it.
There are situation in which I’m not honest because I don’t want to hurt somebody with the truth or because I think that it is better to lie because the whole situation would go by easier.
But I’m trying to be honest and trying to avoid white lies. 
In high society it’s difficult to be honest because they would say it’s rude just because you’re telling the truth.
So on the one hand you have to lie sometimes to be of good standing and to be distinguished as a kindly and friendly person but on the other hand when some persons get the fact that you’re a liar and the most important thing you feel bad.
“The truth may sometimes hurt for a moment, but the pain you experience from a lie can last forever.”
Sure in some situations, for example when you get a present you don’t like, it’s better to lie because you know the truth would hurt the person who gave you the present.
But “Tell the truth, or somebody will tell it for you.”. I think it’s difficult to say we have to be honest every time because if we are it will hurt somebody and we don’t want to hurt somebody we like.
But I think it’s in some ways always better to be honest because every lie will let on.
You see that it’s sometimes necessary to lie but it’s always better to be honest because nobody likes dishonesty.
I’m trying my best to be honest! 

In love,


Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.

Some people also some people i know are lying and i don’t understand why.-
Because of they think it is better for me or i don’t know. So why do they?
I’m thinking about it all the time because i think when you are talking with a friend you don’t have to lie so i ask myself ‘do they act our friendship?’
I don’t think so but sometimes it seems to me like they do. Mabye they think that it is better for me or mabye that i will be angry if they tell me the truth but everybody knows that a person gets more angry when they know a friend or generally a person is lying to him.
Mabye it’s also a kind of missunderstanding or what ever.
I really don’t understand. Mabye it’s because of me?


“In life, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.”

It’s true. I know it because a few days ago i didn’t risk anything but yesterday i did and know i can’t stop smiling!!! 😀
You’re scared… That’s okay but you have to think if it’s better for yourself if you don’t change anything and don’t take the Initiative or not and i know about myself that it’s not!… Believe in yourself! 🙂 In my last posts i adviced you about that too so i think if you believe in yourself u can, for example, change your world! 🙂

In Love
waiting4theright ♥

“You cannot change what you refuse to confront”

I`m in a sitiuation like tihs and i just have to advise you that you don`t have to worry about a strange situation because it cannot get worse like this situation in which you are right now. It can only get better so come on! I`m one of these people who know that but they don`t change it and i know about myself that it is hard to wait for something you know might not happen in the futur if you don`t take the initiative! It will be hard that`s sure but it will be a really really really great feeling when you`ve done it.

Believe in yourself and you can master all!!

Bye Guys! waiting4theright