Bertolt Brecht: When Mr. K. loved a human

“What are you doing?”, Mr. K. was asked, “when you are loving somebody?” “I’m making a design of him”, said Mr. K., “and take care that he is similar to him.” “Who? The design?” “No”, said Mr. K., “the human.”

For me there are some questions because of this scene :

Can you create or are you allowed to create a design of a person you’re in love with?
Are you allowed to change the person you’re in love with?
Why do we create a design of some people we don’t know?
Is it useful to create a design of somebody?

My answer: I really don’t know.
But i think you can not change a person you’re in love with because if you do you create a person you don’t know and a person which is different as the one you’ve felt in love with.
Also you felt in love with not only his or her properties but also with his or her errors.
Nobody is perfect and you can not create a perfect person for you and when you do there is something wrong in your relationship.
On the one hand it’s okay to change somebody but only when it is okay for both sides, for example an addiction. But at the other hand,the most important one, it isn’t because of the things i told you in the upper text.

But everybody has it’s own opinion so maybe some people have a different view about it.

Much love


Travel around the world ♥

Me and my two best friends want to travel the world when we get 18 years old and when we finished school of course 🙂
One oft my best friend drawed this she has also a blog so come on and follow her

We want to do ‘work and travel’ and i think this is a really good thing because you see the life out of the view from a tourist but also out of a person who lives there. I mean you see both sides of living there and i think this is really interesting! 🙂
We want to travel with a car like this one because you can sleep in it and you can take a lot of things with you. Also i think it isn’t really expensive when you complain it with a flight from, for example, europe to australia. And you have everytime a car beside you when you, for example, visit something.
Here it is:

I’m so exited and i think that this time will be very very intresting and we will have a lot of fun ! ♥♥♪

In love waiting4theright

You need them!

Your best friends.
They are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere. I have them and i’m so glad i have them because i can laugh with them about things nobody understand, i can talk with them all the time about all things, they are the best ones and i couldn’t live without them! I love them! ♥
I wish everybody from all over the world that they find such a friend with whom you can share secrets, experiences and all other things!
And thanks to god you gave my best friends to me!

In love waiting4theright


Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.

Some people also some people i know are lying and i don’t understand why.-
Because of they think it is better for me or i don’t know. So why do they?
I’m thinking about it all the time because i think when you are talking with a friend you don’t have to lie so i ask myself ‘do they act our friendship?’
I don’t think so but sometimes it seems to me like they do. Mabye they think that it is better for me or mabye that i will be angry if they tell me the truth but everybody knows that a person gets more angry when they know a friend or generally a person is lying to him.
Mabye it’s also a kind of missunderstanding or what ever.
I really don’t understand. Mabye it’s because of me?


This person.

Everytime i see you a firework is breaking out in my heart.

I think nearly everybody want to say this sentence about a person you love and which loves you. -Inclusive me 😀

This person which makes you smile just with a little word. -this person which is there for you in good & bad times.

The right person will come. -Mabye not today- mabye not tomorrow but this person will come don’t worry and enjoy your life so far it’s possible!

Also waiting

PS: ♥♪♥

Three words, eight letters, say it and i’m yours.

I love you. -not just three simple words… You have to say them to somebody – somebody special- somebody You know you will love- love till you’re getting older and older. The meaning is exactly that of what you’ve ever dreamt of- a meaning you cannot describe.
Don’t say it too much because if so it will lost its flair and than it isn’t unique anymore. 
Wait for the right one 🙂

In love waiting4theright  xoxo